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Saving Mother’s Day

Jon Morrissey Ltd saves the day as Flowervision become new client after we rescue flower deliveries on Mother’s Day. What better way to introduce a new client to our professional drivers. Jon set off at midnight on Saturday to collect the deliveries for one of the UK’s largest suppliers and distribute the gift of flowers on this most momentous occasion.




A huge welcome to new clients


Recommendations and word of mouth are exactly what businesses thrive on. Finding new clients can always be a challenge but when the manager of Flower vision found himself in a situation and needed some driving assistance, Jon Morrissey ltd were on hand to help. It is great to have secured a new valuable business contract, but the fact we are being recommended by other valued clients is fantastic news.



Universal Packaging Specialists

This is one of the largest independent export packaging and case making companies at London’s Heathrow airport. They first heard about Jon Morrissey Ltd back when our Sales team sent them an introductory email along with our rate card. Our business manager followed up with a courtesy email and shortly after, they contacted us to assist them in their permanent staffing needs. Congratulations to Dave from JML who has been offered the full time permanent position! So pleased to be in the priviledged position of opening the door of opportunity to our professional elite drivers.





“Providing the service and drivers that clients need is the main priority, getting it right is a must, being there with the right kit at the right place and at the right time is as important to our business as it is to theres”


Rachel Morrissey (Director of Operations)



Back on the European Road with Porsche

Tuthill Porsche 911 scored the first win of the 2018 rally in Belgium as the Motorsport season kicks off. Our Driver Jason was there to witness the action first hand and was entrusted to transport the car daily to and from the track.  Our prestigious clients such as Tuthill Porsche have endured perfect consistency with Jon himself as their “go to driver”, but with the business expansion and training, the team put their faith in Jon and embraced a new Elite Driver in Jason.



“Jason has been with the Company for 8 months now, he started with ADF like most of our drivers do and immediately showed potential. ADF have even offered him a Permanent placement, however, he wanted more experience and has since completed assignments in the UK and Europe for a range of our specialist clients.”


Jon Morrissey




Tuthill (Cork )

Another rally team from Tuthill Porsche had an eventful weekend in the Porsche 997 R-GT on the recent West Cork Rally. Running in a freshly-built Tuthill 997 GT3 Cup engine in brand new crankcases. Finishing in the top twenty this time around, a respectable position after introducing this new engine race circuit.

A great deal of excitment ahead as they look forward to Corsica for the Tour de Corse with JML Driver Ryan. This elite driver is there prefered one after he stepped in to assist them during last year’s rally. Not an easy assignment for Ryan this time round as the snow was falling and the ferry was delayed but he persevered through it all and on St Patricks day he headed for home.

Ryan is now back on UK soil and looking forward to heading out to Corsica in a couple of weeks with the team.



Word of Mouth


This last week Jon and Rachel were in London talking to a company that offer reliable and efficient packing, moving, storage and shipping of fine art. They discovered Jon Morrissey Ltd through a “word of mouth” recommendation, this is something we take immense pride in, not only are we providing a great service to our current clients but they are recommending our service to others too.





New vacancies available

On the look for a driving job and have a D licence? @ Jon Morrissey Ltd we are also recruiting minibus drivers for a new client, if your interested please get in touch!