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Snow stops the UK logistically

As Supermarkets fail to deliver bread to there stores and others unable to make deliveries happen at all, Jon Morrissey Ltd were braving the weather conditions and putting on a truly professional effort.

A pertinent point is that, our company already has the best the Logistic sector could offer as the people we call in a crisis are the Miltary, but with Jon Morrissey drivers being just that, or veterans, there experience with all things difficult enables our team to produce the goods come rain or shine, or indeed snow!

A fantastic effort by all our drivers over this period and we are so pleased to have the team of drivers we have.


Dover Blockades and the future for the UK

As we move closer to Brexit completion, the recent Dover blockades (by French Fisherman), is a real concern as the affect to trade within the UK will surely be in a state of disarray, trade will be increasingly difficult to manage on a developing relationship and could affect businesses and trucking in the future. Other blockades have happened to in the last year that have affected this sector significantly as the Migrants crisis continues. Time will only tell if the Logistic sector can withstand this challenging time and come through smelling of the proverberal roses.





Fingerprint drug testing for drivers now a reality for Transport and Logistics industry

Invasive urine or saliva-based drug testing may be a thing of the past, a new end to end system that creates a new face for screening, for four different types of drugs (cocaine, opiates, amphetamines or cannabis) has allowed businesses to get rid of the time-consuming and undignified testing for employees that previously existed.

The new system is a light and portable Intelligent Fingerprinting drug testing solution and is quick and easy to deploy wherever and whenever it is needed. The fingerprint-based system supports all forms of workplace drug testing including pre-employment, employees in the office or before/after shifts for drivers of all types of vehicle.







Sample collection takes only five seconds, with simultaneous screening results for all four drug groups provided in just eight minutes.

In this industry the safety of employees and other road users is paramount. Too many incidents have happened on our roads, creating a system that is less invasive, a lot less time consuming and portable, ensures peace of mind and this can all be achieved in less that 10 seconds, a perfect way to ensure health and safety compliance and at a moments notice.