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Who is Jon Morrissey?

Jon Morrissey is a proud Father, Husband and military veteran who after years serving queen and country decided to grab life by the horns and go for his dream. From Corporal in the Royal Logistic Corps and travelling all over the world to self made successful businessman. In this Article we will be discovering who he is, what he has done and how he has amassed success through this venture he calls the Elite Driver Recruitment.



Jon Morrissey grew up in East London in the 1980’s, where he strived for more out of life. With 6 generations of Grenadier Guards in his family, it came as no surprise that once he had reached 17 years old he decided to take the leap and join the Army, Jon soon learned this was one of the best decisions he had made! This is where his love for Logistics and trucking began.

Jon’s first posting was in Germany in 2006 working with 2 LSR in Gutersloh. Jon was quickly noticed for his professionalism and sheer dedication to the job, these characteristics helped him promote. Jon Soon found himself in Canada in 2007 and in the Summer he met Rachel, who is now his wife and dedicated Business Partner.

The Summer came and went and in 2008 Jon was deployed to Iraq. As his time in the dessert ended he decided to fly out to Canada to his at-the-time girlfriend Rachel and make her his wife. In 2009 they were married on a beautiful beach in Gibraltar.

In 2010 whilst posted back in Germany with 8 Regiment, Jon challenged himself to run the Berlin Marathon, Where he ran a respectable 3.5 hours and placed him in the top 50 of over 10,000 runners. In 2011 one of the most substantial changes came into Jon’s life, his Daughter Rae-Lynne Morrissey was born. Being a father really suited Jon and just as he got used to it, the family were posted to Aldershot in the UK.





2013 Jon was again Deployed, this time to Afghanistan. an 8-month tour completed he was returning to his family once again. After a few years served Jon wanted to take his job role further, he enrolled on numerous courses that would set him apart from his cohort. Completing the Mastiff, Husky and Drops Instructor courses, these enabled him to be the mentor he wanted to be.

Jon Morrissey served for over 10 years in the military, he had been on operational tours and had enough experience and knowledge that allowed him to dream up his now current occupation, Director and Founder of Jon Morrissey Ltd. The Elite Driver Recruitment.


We sat down with Jon Morrissey and asked him a few questions about his Military life, his current successful business and what the future holds for him and his team.



You Joined the Army at 17 and then soon after went to war, where did you go and what did you do?

“Well my first tour was to Iraq, it was very different to anything I had previously experienced and being so young, it opened my eyes to the world. Our main role was to drive across rough terrain in harsh environments with a lot of equipment and to get it there safely”.

Was it a scary place to be?

“At times it was a bit hairy but the training kicks in you know, you get the job done and you learn a lot about yourself”.

You had also been to Afghanistan too right? What was that like?

“Yeah, it was different than Iraq, it was more of a trade training Logistical approach with less gunfire, This was at a time in my life where I was at the peak of my trade as a logistician in the Army and developing my leadership skills ready for the next rank up”.

After you came back from Afghanistan, what was next?

“Well after I returned I wanted to do some extra trucking on the side to earn a bit more cash and learn more about the civilian sector of Logistics. I went to a few driver Agencies and was driving a articulated lorry one day and pulled off what I thought was just a regular reversing manoeuvre and was flagged down by a man holding up a card.

What was on the Card?

“McLaren GT, he asked me how I managed to pull off this manoeuvre and asked me if I wanted to work a weekend with them moving some racing cars to racetracks”.



Wow! So just through your driving skill you were picked up by McLaren?

“Yeah, I didn’t have a clue, but from then on I became a regular fixture, every weekend spare and during the week, where I could I was working with McLaren”.

That is truly amazing, so where did you go?

“I started off in the UK and then was asked to go further afield, all over Europe, France, Belgium etc. I love it! Funny thing was, the same day I received promotion to Corporal, I was offered 3 jobs by F1 teams to drive for them, so it was such a surreal experience”.

So what did you do, you were still in the Army at this point?

“Well what would you do? To be honest for a good few weeks I was agonising about the decision to leave the Army, but I knew this was my calling, so I did”.



But you have worked with other Motorsport Teams right?

“Yes I have, I have worked with Ferrari, HAAS F1 Team, Mark Burdett Motorsport, Porsche and Procar to name but a few”.

How did you manage to work for all of these big companies?

“You know what, it was purely based on reputation, my driving technique and the military background, experience and professionalism was what sold me to them, most of which was accomplished through the Army!”



So where did the idea for Jon Morrissey Ltd come from?

“Well, due to the fact that there was a lot of big name Motorsport companies wanting me to drive for them, I wanted to start it up as me just driving and just have a professional platform to promote myself with to other prospective clients”.

So when did you start getting other drivers involved?

“It was almost immediately. I had so many different companies approach me, asking if I knew of any drivers like me who would be interested. The answer to that question was of course I do. I was an ex military man with lots of friends who were just as good a driver as me. So from there I just started recommending them to these companies”.

So. Your friends are now driving too. What was the idea from there?

“To be honest I was a one-man band and I was sat at a typical truck stop thinking that this could potentially grow if I acquired more drivers, so I decided to recruit. I wanted to help other fellow veterans into work as well as build a future for my family and transfer my knowledge of logistics into a civilian work based environment, that would see profits and gains on a monetary level as well as a recruitment drive to help those professional drivers who needed that opportunity to shine”.

So at the beginning you had a few recommended drivers working for Jon Morrissey Ltd?

“At the beginning yes, until we decided to really go for it and push for a base of operations, an office where we could coordinate the drivers and the clients needs. It was a far cry away from meeting prospective drivers in a café. On the 18th of April 2016 we had me and one other driving for my company, now we have 89 drivers on the books working on different types of jobs from Motorsport to food deliveries”.



Incredible growth and an amazing idea to launch, I heard that you narrowly missed out on an award too?

Thank you, yes we did, we came runners up in the Biz Business awards (new business category). It was amazing to be even in the running for it, our first year in business and across two huge counties we are being nominated for such an incredible award”.



As I can see you are heavily family orientated and you have the personal touch, but what sets you apart from the competition?

“Good question, well to begin with, its not about quantity with our company, its about bringing a firm base of professionally minded individuals who are at the elite level in what they do. The reason why we concentrate on the military and ex military side of it, is because they have something about them. A company who gets a driver from Jon Morrissey Ltd know what type of driver they are getting, and that’s why they keep coming back”.
Also we emphasis and can relate to the experiences and hardships that military personnel are going through or have gone through, we are there to help them along the way and open doors of opportunities for them.

Do you just provide drivers?

“We actually provide more. We provide trained individuals who have to go through an assessment done by me personally where I will gauge whether they are the elite driver material we require. We also provide work experience to service leavers, which is a great opportunity for them to understand what civilian life is like and what kind of options they have. At Jon Morrissey Ltd most of our drivers stay with us based on the opportunities and the jobs we can provide through our extensive and elite client base”.


That is pretty impressive, do you get the recognition you deserve for this service to the military community?

“Thank you again, and yes we do, last year we were awarded the bronze Armed Forces Covenant award for our enrolment of jobs to service leavers and this year we have been nominated for a silver award, which is a big deal to us as we are so proud of what we do and what we have achieved in such a short space of time”.
We also work alongside the CTP (Career Transitional Partnership) and are now on their list of approved providers.


Do you provide training within Jon Morrissey Ltd for service leavers or their civilian counterparts?

“Next door we have the training facility for CPC and we also provide on the job training, we don’t stop there though, we are very much about keeping the standard and the name alive, so we conduct training all year round and ensure successful client relationships by producing that professional elite driver experience. We are now also member of the British Institute of Recruiters”.



What does the future hold for Jon Morrissey Ltd?

“We would like to expand into all the Garrison towns around the UK, as this would be a perfect opportunity for us to develop the need for service men and women to transition into the civilian sector more efficiently and effectively. We will be soon running a fleet of trucks, which would make things a lot easier for training and also inter connectivity with clients. There are a few ideas that I cannot really discuss at this time, but we are currently in talks with some very well-known truck companies to provide an extra ordinary service that no one has ever done before, something incredibly close to my heart.




I would also like to add that we would not be here today if it wasn’t for the team we have around us and the clients that believe in us, currently we are the preferred suppliers of Rawlings Transport and currently we are the only suppliers of elite drivers to a company called ADF, this company you may of heard of who are massive in the Entertainment business, transporting film sets and trailers across the UK.



ADF also entrust us with the training and employment of drivers for there company and allow me personally to access each driver before they are enrolled with them, which to me and the company is down to our hard work, dedication and setting ourselves apart from the competition being the Elite Recruitment for drivers”.




With the interview over and having digested all that was said, Jon Morrissey and his team have so far created something that is humbling and very niche. The ability to train, empathise and encourage those around him and the experience that the team already has, the accomplishments and dreams being realised as this flourishing company supersedes targets and grows exponentially.

It was a real pleasure to sit down and converse with a real 21st century visionary, the logistics sector is lucky to have a company that provides what they provide and how they provide it. Family grown, family run and changing the face of driving. The Real Elite in driver Recruitment.

If you are interested in working alongside Jon Morrissey’s team whether that be as a driver or client, get in touch and include yourself in a vision of excellence.