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As 2018 pours out recognition of our achievements and showers us with endless opportunities, their is definitely no risk of a cold spell. These last two weeks have been extremely busy, as every free moment we have is utilised interviewing potential new drivers.


Whether your in London, Europe of on the other side of the world, with Jon Morrissey Ltd we drive those opportunities forward for you and with you!




“Are you in a position of uncertainty, are you left always wanting, do you need variety in your life, coupled with performance and adventure, with a strong team behind you, encouraging you all the way, well if this sounds like you, it’s definitely us……”



With recruiting, we take every interview as serious as the last, every persons life account, experience and expertise into focus and drive that into our business, encouraging open door opportunities to each and every service leaver, reservist and treating them the same as their civilian counterpart.

Drivers with a Military background provide our clients with a strong piece of mind, with security, integrity and leadership that they could only wish for. The diversity of our employees and of those we provide to our clients, encompasses exactly what Jon Morrissey Ltd is enabling in this sector and we are proud to be involved in providing an array of amazing opportunities to all.






The overall scale of empty cabs and the “driverless truck future” is an empowering yet to some an uncomfortable prospect. For now this sector is in a position of under deliverance, at Jon Morrissey we are doing all we can to lower the numbers of trucking unemployment and undergo a frequent and pertinent base where we become that sole provider of that professional driver who can do it all, who is well trained, experienced, developed and positive. Bringing to clients the name that is Jon Morrissey Ltd, meaning more than just a driver!