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Members of the military interested in coming aboard with Jon Morrissey Ltd, will soon have the opportunity to grasp the world of Civvy street with Work Experience produced by our company, enabling service leavers to experience a taste of what we have to offer and learn about the valued opportunities we provide.


The inspirational idea came from the experience that is already present within the company. One of the directors of the business who was in the military for a long period of time, upon leaving felt as if the work experience element of resettlement was somewhat missing in part and thought that by giving military personnel a look at what was out there in a physical sense, experiencing work outside the confines of the miltary machine, would allow them to make a more informed descision about their next career path.



Many of our Military members are now leaving the forces and are coming aboard on a full time basis. Proof that that type of work experience we already provide by employing members of the Armed Forces is a great way for them to transfer into civilian life.


As 2018 is full of opportunities and interchangeable outlooks, with our best foot forward, this will be rolled out and part of the Jon Morrissey Ltd recruitment business model.


If you are interested in a family run, opportunity based approach, to a career path that can drive you through doors, you maybe didn’t know even existed, then contact our office!