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To summarise this year, it would be fair to say that everyone at Jon Morrissey Ltd have truly excelled, no matter what role they play in the business, everyone involved has lead the company in a positive direction through their hard work and committed approach to all that they do.



Our Year in pictures


Beginning of the year started with a surprise nomination into the “New Business” category at the Biz Awards, which we were amazed to receive a finalists position! New clients came on board too, and with ADF Entertainment and Mark Burdett Motorsport adding to our client list it was shaping up to be a fantastic year.

Drivers have always gone above and beyond to satisfy the clients, with amazing feedback received all year round.  The professional approach to each job has seen companies requesting more and more from us, this contributing to our increased productivity and overall success this year.

Team-work makes the Dream-work!



Pinching myself slightly still as we talk about the clients we have been involved with this year, HAAS Formula One team and McLaren who continue to utilise our drivers, whether that be testing, customer car delivery in Europe or getting them to the race track. Always involving ourselves heavily in the Motorsport season across a wide range of Motorsport franchises and races.



Tuthill Porsche again this year confirmed on a request for their Irish ventures, delivering them to the Rally Championships.

FF Corse racing with Ferrari, also put our drivers in the front seat delivering this fantastic cars to race tracks all over Europe.



IBI, and IT Disposal have also utilised our drivers in Europe this year, and the commitment of our drivers and their fantastic companies creates a great legacy going into 2018.



In amongst our busy schedule, business shows, truck shows and providing drivers for new clients like Berry Marquees, our approach to recruiting improved immensely, we focussed on our clientele and opportunities that we provide that others don’t and how we can make a difference to the overall recruitment, through us, and the career transition of our Armed Forces personnel.



Rawlings Transport have been a magnificent company to work with this year, highly professional and knowledgeable, a pleasure to provide the service we do.



Penta Foods, Delivered and Duzzer Tpt to mention a few have also been instrumental in the employment of our drivers too, allowing a steady work flow for our drivers to engage with..



This year career transition was on the forefront of everyone’s mind, helping and advising and encouraging opportunities for service leavers at our very own workshop, this enable us to show what was possible and how we could create the path, that they could drive towards.

We were also recognised this year for our efforts with the Armed Forces Covenant, acknowledging our service to those who currently serve and veterans.


Ending this year with a fantastic Christmas function. We were only so happy to sip the Champagne, proud of those around us, who made it possible to still be there! Thank you to all that believe in Jon Morrissey Ltd.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!