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With Christmas close by, the roads become busier with season well wishers adopting the normal rush hour stance. Traffic, truckers and road blocks all in a days work. But keeping your cool in a more hectic environment is what seperates our drivers from the rest.






”In the run-up to Christmas where the roads are busier and remain so for weeks, with many of us making our last-minute trips to the shops, darker nights looming and icy road conditions, make the likelihood of having an accident increase dramatically“


Jon Morrissey (Director)




Be safe and mindful of other road users, keep your distance and increase that distance in harsh weather conditions. The load you carry will decrease your stopping power and if your not careful you will pay the price for it.



At Jon Morrissey Ltd we value our drivers and the loads we carry like the next company, but we endeavour to train and encourage thinking as these conditions change for the worse. Increasing your DRIVE IQ will decrease your chances of having an accident that potentially could of been avoided.


if at any point you are unsure then ask, always check the weather and road alerts, plan for the worse case, remain safe at all times.