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At Jon Morrissey Ltd, the Elite Driver Recruitment Agency, we strive for the best, assisting in the development of new and existing drivers’ skills and abilities, through our own determination and ambition- Jon Morrissey Ltd is somewhere to develop yourself as a driver and push through doors to new opportunities.


McLaren GT




Our long-time client McLaren has utilised our drivers again this week on a trip up to Silverstone. Professionalism and a clear differing approach from our competitors, allows Jon Morrissey Ltd to stand out from the crowd and continue to grow and grow.




“A fantastic company, with an attention to all the detail, a pleasure as always, working with McLaren”


Jon Morrissey (Director)





At Jon Morrissey Ltd, training and knowledge is available to every driver, this allows professional and dedicated drivers to prove themselves to be given the opportunity to work with companies like McLaren.




Some amazing images taken by Paul M and Ben M, really capturing the moments, thank you.



Is this something that you could see yourself doing…….

Well look no further, subject to training and assessment you could be doing exactly that!

At Jon Morrissey Ltd we are looking for YOU to join our team, if you are a Class 1 or 2 driver and are located in the Surrey/Hampshire area, then get in touch. You may be what we are looking for….





Another client, that we are month upon month continuing to forge a fantastic relationship with, increasing the utilisation of our drivers, is ADF (Entertainment), this company who deal with all things Film and TV, experience the benefit of our drivers on a day to day basis.














 Mark Burdett Motorsport

Jon Morrissey swapped an office in Aldershot with a view of Barcelona, keeping another regular motorsport client happy, Mark Burdett Motorsport. Jon had a fantastic drive out, and enjoyed getting hands on with the motorsport team again.




Rawlings Tpt, Berry Marquees, Duzzer and Delivered

These great companies, have temp contacts in place with several of our drivers, and as we align ourselves with Christmas targets, already we are on schedule for a fantastic end to what has been an Incredible year.


November packed

As we head into the month of November, IT Disposal company are yet again Choosing Jon Morrissey Ltd as the go to, to assist with jobs in Europe and a full schedule of other transport tasks to fill the days.