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Purposely busy and ploughing through CV’s and interviews, the last few weeks have been just as good and as busy as the last. An unbelievable number of bookings in the last fortnight and interest coming from far afield, Jon Morrissey Ltd proving time and time again its the Elite Recruitment Agency for drivers looking for that opportunistic approach to a new career and new prospects.


So what’s been happening….

In the world of Trucking and recruitment, their needs to be an enticement of excitement, opportunity for new careers and a balance of mentor ship and belief in individual ability. This week we sold that recruitment benefit to a group of people and put on an insight/recruitment day to show what the company can provide military/veterans and civilians alike. Providing our dream story that can become their reality.





The CTP insight/recruitment day was amazing, we ended the day with signing new drivers and had some keen interest for other parts of this thriving business. The personable approach from Rachel Morrissey (Director of Operations) and the heartwarming story of Jon Morrissey himself, engaged the group in a way, that a loud them to build a picture of a fantastic opportunity, awaiting them in their final months in the Armed Forces.

A welcoming story to write, a perfect way to capture the essence of the business and help others in the process reach their full potential, welcome on board.


“Looking through the door, you will only see your future, we will engage, mentor and ensure that when you go through that door, we are there to guide you every step of the way”


Rachel Morrissey (Director of Operations)


Welcome News

New clients Ascot Wholesale are now on board and being provided with some professional drivers. ADF have continuously utilised our drivers and have been keeping those drivers incredibly busy. Jon this week managed to bump into a member of the hit Rock Band Queen, whilst on a job.



Rawlings Transport have been incredibly pleased with the drivers we have sent them, so much so, that they have written an amazing testimonial that really encompasses who we are, thank you to them for the kind words. Also to mention that they have booked our drivers for on going assignments leading up to the Christmas period.

Duzzer Tpt Ltd, IT Disposal company, Delievered, Berry Marquees, Upholstery Express and IBI to mention a few have utilised a number of our drivers in the last few weeks, keeping them busy out on the road, fantastic news.


Looking forward, Jon Morrissey will be working with Mark Burdett Motorsport once again in Monza, and McLaren are also utilising our amazing drivers for an upcoming event in Silverstone.