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At Jon Morrissey Ltd, diversity and inclusion is a strength of the business that we are mostly proud of. From the humble beginnings of Jon Morrissey himself, he knows first hand that the military provides that strong character of diversity, providing companies with the professionalism and dedication of veterans who are able to explore differing opportunities, provided to them through more than just a recruitment agency.



An inspirational story, a dream that turned to reality through sheer hard work and a mindset, presented through years of allegiance. At Jon Morrissey Ltd, an alliance, and interchangeable, improvising adaption of business mindfulness coupled with, and an understanding of resettlement into society.

A business model that inspires and allows drivers to be more than just that. An opportunity to shine, progress rapidly, with training and mentoring from someone who has a vested interest and care into individual development and the needs of the clients we have on board.




Jon’s Tips

If anything in life is worth doing, do it well, do it to the best of your ability. Be professional. Engage in effective communication within your working environment. A key in business is the communication part, this tool is bigger than people think. The biggest businesses in the world, do well because they care, have an incredible team of thinkers, and people who can, at all times effectively communicate with each other and their clients.


If your on the road, your safety and the load is obviously your main concern, but courtesy and politeness doesn’t cost anything. The professional driver that needs to get somewhere fast, but doesn’t ignore respect and grattiude of other road users in the process, is a driver from Jon Morrissey Ltd.