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In the world that is trucking, we at Jon Morrissey Ltd are on hand to provide all the relevant news that is out there now!

DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)


This year the government, alongside the DVSA have devised a plan to stop all operators from cutting corners with regards to emissions tests. So with that, and it was announced back in August this year, that the DVSA will now stop trucks at the road side and test their emissions there and then. A Bold move for the government who are at least trying to cut the pollution in our air. A positive scheme that seems to cut out the cheaters and the polluters. The new outcome of this testing at the roadsides will be, a removal of the vehicle from the road side and also a ban for previous offenders.




A1, North east opened

First phase of the major upgrade to the A1 in Northeast England opened to traffic last week. The extra 6 mile capacity between Leeming and Catterick was opened on Friday 22 September. This stretch of road is a vast improvement and the extra capacity suits the truckers world perfectly, truckers going north now, will have an easier time on that stretch of road, whereas before it was a huge bottle nose of traffic. When the full stretch of road is completed it should reduce travel time between Leeming and Barton by up to 20%.

Good news for our truckers if they head up north!


Technology is the safer way forward

The Mayor of London’s announcement of the latest version of his safety proposals for HGVs – the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) – in London could be a big step forward in terms of safety for all the capital’s road users, says the Freight Transport Association (FTA), the largest transport trade association in the UK.

The proposals, to be introduced for all HGV operators across the capital from 2020, could now make an allowance for technological solutions such as in-cab cameras and sensors around vehicles to improve safety.

This is a great implementation of a standard with it’s sole purpose being safety, however there are other safety precautions and regulations that meet other standards that are not taken into account through the visual standard, which is scored from 0-5. DVS does not account for these and only concentrates of the direct vision out of the cab and scores the HGV’s accordingly. We will have to see if this safety standard is kept and what impact it will have on our roads.