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The last two weeks have been as busy as busy can be, with our drivers all over the UK and Europe once again. Pushing out the miles and showing a total professional approach to each job, showing what our drivers can do behind the wheel of some of the worlds best vehicles and well known companies.


And they’re off……


To start us off, we headed across the pond to Ireland with Tuthill Porsche, for the annual Cork Rally championships. As the motorsport season dies down, we focus in on the Rally, and take full advantage of a great weekend of racing, again with some fantastic images taken by Ryan. Whilst he was there at this historical event, he was able to capture all the work that goes on behind the scenes.





“Getting Tuthill Porsche to the start line, Jon Morrissey Ltd, doing what we do best”


Jon Morrissey




Whilst the GT season starts to slow, Jon Morrissey Ltd is still delivering customer McLaren cars, transporting these cars to there owners is such a privilege.


Berry Marquees

The last two weeks Berry Marquees has been utilising our Class 2 and 7.5 ton drivers to full effect. An instrumental part of the company is providing drivers for companies like this. Always keeping our drivers busy.



What else have we been doing?


As we came ever closer to the end of September, and really did say goodbye to summer, some of our drivers had the opportunity to work with an IT Disposal company in Belgium.  Other drivers were utilised by IBI transporting some precious cargo. Double the usual amount of Class 1 drivers were requested by ADF and Rawlings Transport which is fantastic.





Delivered and Duzzer Transport Ltd were also in the mix with long term assignments, and Ascot Wholesalers will be experiencing the benefit of Jon Morrissey Ltd as they use our drivers next week for the first time.




Jon Morrissey’s Top Tips

The little things matter

It really does not matter who or what company you are driving for, who you are collaborating with, what matters is that you act treat each client exactly the same,  whether smaller clients or big name clients. This, we believe, sets us apart from other agencies!  Simply by excelling in your trade and doing your upmost to give them all what they deserve, high end professionalism with a huge portion of dedication. Going the extra mile makes the choice difference between them wanting you back and needing you back!


Looking the part

In my time I have never seen a scruffy looking McLaren driver, or someone from Rawlings Transport not looking professional. Looking the part gives the client that first impression that matters. At Jon Morrissey Ltd looking and acting in a professional manner is what we do. Top tip from me, look Smart, act Smart, be Smart.



Problems and queries

You know when you go to pick up a load and something isn’t right, or generally the job is different to what you were tasked. Always ask questions, no matter how trivial you may think others may see them. Communication is everything and there is never a question that is too trivial or silly, any problems, questions or queries, ask the question!



If you feel like you would be a valued member of the team and have what it takes, then please get in touch. We are currently taking interviews for Class 1 drivers now, so don’t miss out!



“We are proud of the door we open, allowing you to engage with new opportunities”


Rachel Morrissey (Director of Operations)