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Jon Morrissey Ltd closes the summer on a high and completely smashes this year targets, an amazing achievement by all. An absolutely perfect end to the summer months when normally it starts to quiten down. We just seem to get busier and busier!



Over the past few weeks we have been settling into our new offices, the new larger space was definitely needed. The team have more freedom now to be more creative and grow our business relations.




What’s been happening?


In the past two weeks Jon Morrissey Ltd has been spreading its European wings once again, travelling to places like Switzerland, Belgium and France.

As the summer months become a distant memory, ProCar, Mark Burdett Motorsport (some of our regular clients), continue to use our professional drivers on countless Class 1 and 2 jobs.

As usual, we are grateful to our equally important regular clients who keep using Jon Morrissey Ltd as the ‘Go to Agency’ for all things trucking – Rawlings, Complete Office Solutions, Delivered, IT Disposal and IBI have kept us extremely busy and in the drivers seat.


McLaren GT


As we all know, McLaren is one of those names in the Motorsport business that gets pulses racing, let alone cars. This past few weeks has seen our drivers out with McLaren once again. A perfect combination of specialist drivers transporting some of the most powerful cars, and a company with an excellence in racing.




At Jon Morrissey Ltd we are more than just an agency for drivers. We are the doorway to opportunity, a company that assists and enables you to reach your potential, and let you do more than just drive.



One of our drivers (a firm favourite with McLaren) this week has been doing more than just driving, getting his hands on the McLaren GT car.


Fantastic images by Paul McCallum.



“New clients keep coming to us, purely because of the professionalism that our drivers have shown, allowing us to showcase their talents with some of the biggest names in the business”


Rachel (Director of Operations)



When you need a film set and all the trailers that go with it, Jon Morrissey is on call, to drive the action.


ADF have been very keen to utilise our drivers and have done for some time now. They have had us trucking all over the country, this time through London. Thanks must also go to Paul McCallum, for capturing some fantastic images, taken whilst on the job.



As summer closes and summer Autumn begins, work does not seem to be letting up. Moving swiftly through September, the pace ramps up and the drivers get behind the wheel once again.


Jon Morrissey’s Tips


Safety First.


Always get out and look before reversing. The safety of other road users as well as pedestrians behind your vehicle is paramount. The statistics for lorrys reversing and hitting someone, or something is staggering.




Something at Jon Morrissey Ltd we are great at, due to the professional drivers we have, being punctual to a company is one of, if not the most important thing. “Time is money”.




Whatever the weather, yourself and your truck need to be prepared. Look at the forecast, this will determine what you wear, what you take with you and how to set up your vehicle, always ensuring that the correct fluids are topped up before you leave the depot.