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Yet another busy and productive week for the Jon Morrissey Ltd team, as Jon (Managing Director) and Rachel (Director of Operations) came back from their well deserved breaks, it was all systems go. Due to the huge influx of business, we are having to move offices, expanding our business means expanding our work space. A really good feeling as it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were moving into our current office because we needed more space.


Mark Burdett Motorsport

Jobs now start to ramp up as we go into the second half of the Motorsport season, this sees Jon Morrissey Ltd out with the Mark Burdett Motorsport Team, a fantastic end to the the Bank holiday.



FF Corse (Racing with Ferrari)


Another fantastic Motorsport team, located in Silverstone, Northamptonshire, FF Corse, always a pleasure working alongside this company delivering the cars and kit to Race tracks all over the UK and Europe.

This week we were in Donnington for the Brit Car Championships, driving with an inspirational company. Understandably, the Motorsport Teams we work with are coming to us through that complete driver ability and professional background, coming back to us time and time again as we prove that we are one of the best in the business.




“Having Military and ex Military drivers allows us to separate ourselves from the rest, and provide that niche service that is hard to find. A true example of true professionals and that’s without mentioning their security and operational backgrounds, ”


Jon Morrissey (Managing Director)




A regular client that has been using our drivers religiously almost every week, an impressive numbers on driver jobs completed since they have been with us.  You can understand why though, as this company deals with moving movie sets and trailers in order to facilitate all manor of entertainment. A real show stopper of a company!




Where and with who?


This week has seen some of our drivers in Paris being utilised by an IT Disposal Company, a really great company that again has our drivers all over Europe, getting the most from them.

Delivered and Duzzer Transport have also used our drivers on a huge scale like ADF, on a day and night routine, Jon Morrissey Ltd getting the jobs done, fantastic effort by all. Penta foods continuously come into that mix too utilising our van drivers for weekend jobs.



Permanent and Temporary news


As we slowly move into the Autumn months there seems to be a request for more and more drivers to go into Temp-Perm positions as companies are impressed with what they see, unable to let them go to another company. A fantastic effort by the drivers themselves who know how to impress, professional dedication to every job and a notable difference between what we provide and what our competition can provide. Congratulations!



“A reminder of the capability within your team is discovered when you leave for Canada and come back and the volume of business has carried on, a real testament to their work ethic and dedication to the job, a fantastic team to have on board. Thanks for all your effort”


Rachel Morrissey (Director of Operations)



Other news