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Ending the month of August on a high, this week has left the Jon Morrissey Ltd team overwhelmed by the huge amount of popularity amongst clients and drivers alike. This week has been as busy as the last and there seems to be no let-up in any area of the business. The office based team and the drivers have worked extremely hard to put us on the map, and keep us there as Jon Morrissey Ltd fight through the busiest of summer periods.


Strong Weekly Gains


A weekly output that sees Duzzer Transport and Delivered, utilising our class 1 drivers all week, with Rawlings Transport requesting more and more from the team, amazing feedback being received that the drivers are doing a fantastic job, and they are exactly the type of personnel they were after. So pleasing to hear.



ADF Entertainment

Regular clients ADF have continued to request the services from Jon Morrissey Ltd and have not been left wanting, an amazing client to be involved with, delivering to some interesting venues and film sets.





Also, next week we have drivers starting their Temp to Perm placement with some of our regular clients and ADF being no exception. We have no doubt that they will be impressed with what they see. Good luck to all.



Euro Trip


Some well-deserved leave was in order for Jon Morrissey as he embarked on a bike ride around Europe for some R and R. A perfect work life balance that sees him back on a motorbike enjoying the sights of Europe and what it has to offer.



“Having the team in place that allow you to create the work-life balance is a successful part of business. Thanks to all the team for working so hard in my absence and believing in the success of the company every day, having that commitment and fortitude”


Jon Morrissey (Managing Director)




“A work-life balance is not something you find, it’s something you create, work hard, and play hard. Enjoy the moments you can”


Jon Morrissey




Interviews and Prospects


This week we have commenced interviews and taken on some Class 2 drivers to join the team.

Jon Morrissey Ltd is only too pleased to get involved with Walking with the Wounded. This is an amazing Foundation that supports vulnerable veterans return to work, integrating them back into society, allowing their skill set to be shown through employment across all sectors. We are always very happy when we are able to give these guys employment where we can and are pleased to say we have done so this week.



Next Week


Class 1 and 2 driver jobs all booked up for next week as we go into another strong week, Jon Morrissey will be back from Europe and Rachel Morrissey (Operations Director) will also be back from across the pond (Canada). One of our IT Disposal clients are still in Europe with one of our drivers and pictures will follow in due course.



Trucking News


Platoon driving will be trialled in 2018 as the UK is set to undergo this intelligent way of trucking.

“We are investing in technology that will improve people’s lives. Advances such as lorry platooning could benefit businesses through cheaper fuel bills and other road users thanks to lower emissions and less congestion. But first we must make sure the technology is safe and works well on our roads, and that’s why we are investing in these trials.”

Transport Minister Paul Maynard




The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has welcomed the government’s plans.  Here’s what they have said;


“Platooning could be an innovative means of reducing fuel use so saving costs and reducing carbon and air quality emissions. Driving closely together, platoons of trucks take up less space on the road, and travelling at constant speeds can help improve traffic flows and reduce tailbacks.”


Christopher Snelling, the FTA’s head of national policy.



“When all is said and done, the thought of driverless vehicles being controlled by a lead driver is daunting to say the least, but as the need grows and the intelligence and improvement of this sector increases, it’s hard to see this not being a part of our future.”


Leon Sharp (Jon Morrissey Ltd)