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This week completely ramped up in pace by Monday afternoon, an astonishingly busy week for all at Jon Morrissey Ltd. Clients have been chomping at the bit to hire our currently serving and ex military personnel due to the total professionalism and work ethic they provide, essentially supplying their businesses with continuity that is second to none.


Our Business Development & Marketing Manager, Rosie, went over to see a new client this week to find out how our drivers are getting on, and they were understandably amazed at how the drivers fitted in and were so good at what they do. One client had said that the reason why Jon Morrissey Ltd was chosen over so many was the military background, and it really appealed to their company, you know what you are getting when you employ our drivers.


Rawlings Transport

Another new client completely satisfied by the drivers we supply and what they do and how they do it. Ready to represent any company who needs the expertise and experience to which our drivers provide, going that extra mile every time.



“So pleased to hear that the reason companies are picking up the phone and calling Jon Morrissey Ltd is because the niche market and service we provide, Military matters when it comes to business”


Jon Morrissey (Director)



Our dedicated clients

This week we have been inundated with requests for our drivers, with all our regular dedicated clients, ADF being amongst the highest on demand for drivers, travelling to Pinewood Studios. IT Disposal Company is travelling to Lausanne in Switzerland and current UK operations include Delivered, Duzzer Transport to mention a few.




Long standing clients are requesting more and more from us as we hit well over our normal output this week in just 5 days. Our numbers of drivers out per day has been unfathomable.


“Being this busy, just goes to show the work that people put in really pays off, thank you to all”


Rachel Morrissey (Director)



New drivers

A personal touch in business is sometimes lacking in many big companies. The personal touch is what Jon Morrissey Ltd  strives to achieve every day, with what we do and how our drivers are – the Driver Recruitment Agency that is more than just an agency! A massive welcome to Will who has just completed all his testing and will soon be driving with Jon Morrissey Ltd, welcome and a pleasure to have you aboard. And a huge congratulations to Ben, after a successful interview, our driver will be starting a temp to perm placement with ADF who deliver essentials to film sets. Well done Ben and good luck! A company that values that personal touch when it comes to its customers and its staff.


Moving into next week sees Jon Morrissey Ltd in Switzerland and Italy so we are looking forward to the drivers stories and pictures.


HGV UK Online (magazine)

News on the Severn Bridge tolls to be scrapped by 2018. This is a welcome bit of news to all who frequently cross into and out of wales, but some have their reservations as it could cost nothing to cross, but does it, or will it mean a larger amount of motorists crossing at any given time? Only time will tell as move closer to the date, but what is for certain is a saving of £20 a time that is definitely good news to all.