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At Jon Morrissey Ltd we have some of the best drivers that there is to offer, utilising their skill set and vast amount of knowledge and experience for your benefit. Why do we employ Veterans and Soldiers and what do they really offer?

What they offer to our current clients is a that total professional driving experience. From the hostile roads in the Middle East to the European open Autobahns. There is realistically nothing that they haven’t seen or dealt with. A perfect match for any company, or business wanting not just a driver, but someone who is totally reliable and has that extra something about them. We at Jon Morrissey Ltd are proud to employ these men and women and our committed to getting the best out of them for you!

Jon Morrissey himself from a military background, started his career and ended it with logistics. His expertise and understanding of what it takes under immense pressure, shows exactly why this company has proven its worth in the marketplace we stand in today. Advisory and instructional, he also mentors and brings all of that military ethos to every driver and job that he encounters.



This week

As we move quickly into the second part of the financial year, there seems to be no evidence of Jon Morrissey Ltd slowing down. We have been busier than ever and supporting our drivers along the way. This month has been amazing as targets go, we have smashed them all. Not only that, we have drivers being taken on as permanent employees with some of our regular clients, which makes us feel proud to be playing a part in.

Our regular clients this week have kept us all busy, and we have more new clients coming on board. With the year progressing nicely, it is especially important to acknowledge all involved that makes our business what it is today. So thank you all for your hard work.


ADF (lights, camera, action)

Our drivers were out this week with ADF, the driving force behind the makeup. An amazing Company.




If you are a Class 1 driver, and are interested in becoming part of the team, then please get in touch.


With moving to bigger offices and going forwards, Jon Morrissey Ltd, are focussed on a dream that has been with the Managing Director for years. So far this dream has surpassed his expectations and targets that the team have set out to beat each week are getting beaten with ease.

Our regular clients, like ADF, Penta Foods, Delivered, McLaren, FF Corse, IBI, IT disposal and many more have kept the dream alive for us. We are delighted to say that more and more of our many drivers who have wanted a long and prosperous career out of trucking,  are settling into their new roles with ease and the companies that take on these individuals on a permanent basis have given our team some amazing feedback, so thank you.


“Keeping the dream alive, to all, Thank You”


Jon Morrissey (Managing Director)