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Creating Success

July has come to an end and we have had a great start to the summer surpassing our targets by 200% compared to last year – a great success!  At this point it would be easy to get complacent, but we are more determined than ever to push harder, for longer and achieve and surpass goals, creating an EMPIRE that is Jon Morrissey Ltd.


McLaren Shakedown

This week, our drivers were out in force with McLaren, transporting some of the fastest and most beautiful cars in the world. A key objective of ours is the complete inclusion of our Armed Forces and utilising them for the best, because quite frankly, they are the best. Bringing with them on every job, experience that is second to none and an approach that only the likes of McLaren built their reputation on, slick, professional and operating to a standard that is hard to match.


Some fabulous pictures taken by Paul, one of our drivers, who has a real eye for all things fast. Keep them coming Paul, and congratulations on your military promotion.

General Haulage

In amongst the fast cars and fantastic looking transporters, our other clients have kept our drivers busy this week too. We have also had numerous soldiers apply to the company and a few have just finished their training. Jon himself has been out assessing their driving skills and has been very pleased with the results with one of them starting with Delivered this week and he didn’t fail to impress. Welcome to the team and keep up the good work.

General haulage has been the main effort this week, bringing in just shy of 65% of our jobs that we have covered for our clients such as Delivered, IT Disposal, ADF, IBI and Penta Foods to name but a few. With Jon’s expertise with European Driving & Regulations, ITAD sought his advice on regulations and planning and Jon was more than happy to help. The Subject Matter Expert on all things trucking!





“200% rise from this time last year, I would not believe that if you had told me this last year, but when you realise what the team you have around you are like and the drivers you employ out of the door, it’s easy to see why we are becoming so successful in what we do. Onwards and upwards Jon Morrissey Ltd.”


Rachel Morrissey (Director)


FF Corse


Another client who we provide transporter drivers for is FF Corse (Racing with Ferrari). An extremely well known and respected company providing excellence in the motorsport sector. Always pleased to provide them with our experienced and professional drivers. This week they were off to Brands Hatch Race Track for the 2017 Britcar Championships.




Moving forward

Heading into August we are fast becoming extremely busy with European assignments and general haulage bookings including work for our  motorsport industry bookings – all filling up our calendar. The team are doing really well and the standards from our drivers are amazing.

Our drivers, including one of our women drivers, Angie, are also moving onto permanent roles with some of our regular clients and it is reallly good to see that we can open the door for them! Jon Morrissey Ltd is proud to offer opportunities for all, men and women, and it is great to see women in the Transport Industry and being successful.


FTA News

As Brexit negotiations are well and truly in full swing the FTA has welcomed the news that Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, is not accepting a ‘No’ Deal. This is a welcomed development as the importance of a European deal is a must for companies like Jon Morrissey Ltd, who work for clients needing drivers to deliver frequently to and within Europe. More news will follow as the negotiations unfold as the importance of a relationship with Europe is a must for many companies.