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Finding the Perfect Match

With an agency like Jon Morrissey Ltd it is easy to see why companies seek to employ our drivers on a permanent basis. With the background and work ethic embedded within the company and our drivers, it just makes perfect sense. This achievement in itself comes directly from the drivers as they prove time and time again they have the right attributes and skills set required to work with some of the most prestigious companies around.


So far this year

All over the UK and Europe, Jon Morrissey Ltd has been there! Below are  highlights from what has been a brilliantly productive 6-7 months. An amazing accomplishment for a company that is only into its second year. As it stands today we have 65+ drivers on the books and more being interviewed for roles across the board. We are now looking at new larger premises to house our expanding team and are looking forward to the next few months of the year, which will undoubtedly bring great things.




“To our office team and drivers, thank you for all your hard work so far this year, pushing into the later part of the year, I have no doubt that this will continue as the team we have, are fantastic at what they do”


Rachel and Jon (Directors)

All Summer Long

IBI International, one of our established customers, has secured a summer long contract with us. An integral part of their business is security which is complimentary to our own background and relative experience cementing a way forward that is mutually beneficial to both companies to creating a perfect match.

Due to the high standard of our professional drivers,  our ad hoc and permanent night trunk drivers we have secured a summer long contract with Delivered. Choosing to work with Jon Morrissey Ltd is an easy choice for this huge client because of the professionalism and dedication of our drivers.




Germany Bound

As we move into next week an IT disposal client is taking our drivers across the pond for the week to Germany. Jon Morrissey Ltd a gateway for travel and driving expertise, as well as professional training, led by a team with vast experience.


Soldiers, soldier on


The summer months are always busy and this enables our employees on leave from the forces a chance to push out the hours. This relationship is deeply entwined with the Director Jon Morrissey who himself is a veteran of many years. There is nothing that Jon likes more than to hire the guys and girls from our forces as he has that unseen connection with them. The summer months will undoubtedly be extremely busy, but with our forces behind the wheel, the job will get done and clients who hire them will get the best from the best.


ProCar into 2018

ProCar have been in talks with us again for the 2017-2018, we have secured drivers for them over the current season and next one. A great client, who we will ensure gets the treatment and professionalism they deserve over the next coming years. Fantastic news.


ADF, Berry Marquees, and Upholstery Express to mention a few are keeping our drivers extremely busy. A real firm favourite, employing us to drive their goods, in the way they need.


“We are only into our 3rd month of year 2 and we have already doubled our sales from this time last year, crazy to think that we have only been going for 18 months. I would like to thank everyone who have made this company succeed and hit these amazing figures”


Rachel Morrissey (Director)