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Another week down and it is just getting busier and busier. A pressure that it is welcomed as we smash through our targets and produce the output we set in style.


This week has been an interesting week, with drivers out with McLaren, IBI and many more, our versatility and professionalism shining through what was a murky beginning of the month, into a perfect mid period full of opportunities and fabulous new staff.


Mclaren, Catalunya Race Track

A number of our drivers returned from Barcelona after being away for a week. Some fantastic cars and pictures. Cheers guys. An amazing start to the week as we move into the rest of it, sees Jon Morrissey Ltd spreading its open wings on the open road.

ProCar and ADF

As always, we keep the momentum up and push forward to the finishing line, an amazing line up for the week including ADF and ProCar.  An exciting further ahead with some of the industries most favoured and indeed best motorsport and entertainment transport companies in Europe.


IBI Security in Logistics.


Keeping the name of Jon Morrissey Ltd ahead of the competition, Jon Morrissey himself goes out on the road to show off his talents, how he started his business in the first place, word of mouth and being the best man for the job. A great leader and doing it from the front.


“Trucking is a way of life for some and most of our guys and girls coming from that military background, with a security mind set and a logistical capability an employer’s dream. A great team, my dream”


Jon Morrissey (Director)





Keeping with the weeks jobs, we quickly pushed out drivers for our various and loyal clients, from Delivered, IT Disposal and Penta foods to mention only a few. We have also had some great news for some of our drivers, who are currently being offered permanent jobs with companies across the board, purely down to their dedication and hard work, well done!





Tea on the Lawn

Tea on the lawn at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre saw our lovely Zoe Spencer singing with Michele Mounfield at a networking lunch held by Centre each summer.  With over 100 visitors from businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, Councils and public sector as well as representatives from the services including Royal British Legion being represented it was wonderful event to be part of whilst being entertained by wonderful singing from Zoe and Michele. We are also very proud of Zoe who has just launched her debut single on itunes and YouTube called ‘My Body’ – what a talented team we have.







Army Covenant Employers Recognition Award

We are also very proud to confirm that Jon Morrissey Ltd has received the bronze award from the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) – The scheme comprises bronze, silver and gold awards for employers who support those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, and their families and are very happy to be included in this family of employers supporting the Armed Forces.



Why Marketing Materials are Important for Small Businesses

One of the many challenges faced by a small business like ours  is making our business more visible and credible which is important when growing and being successful. Ensuring that we had an excellent logo and great marketing material was important when you are growing a successful business as marketing and branding are not just about logos, as many people believe, it spans everything that a company does to engage their clients and excite them about their service or products. It should reflect what you want to say to people about yourself, your company, your personality and style and message. Your brand is your story and helps to make you unique and stand out from your competitors.

Stand out from the Crowd and be Recognised

We work hard to maintain our brand awareness out there and to promote our high standards and company profile. We want our clients to instantly recognise Jon Morrissey Ltd through everything we produce, be it marketing material, our website, our PR news, our customer service, our social media, our workforce, our tone of voice verbally and written. We promote our company by applying our brand on all our marketing material and promotional goods such as mugs, pens etc, supplied to us by Vista print and our printers

Remember that marketing material doesn’t have to cost the earth, mugs, pens, flyers are all great ways of keeping your company in your client’s minds – low cost and having long term benefits – who doesn’t like a freebie, right? It’s just another way to market your business to your current and prospective clients.

‘Variety is the Spice of Life’

Being able to use marketing material means that we can promote our brand in many different ways, still maintaining our high standards and professional image, whilst simultaneously reminding people about Jon Morrissey Ltd. So be creative and interesting so that your  will continue to look forward to seeing what’s new in your world.



“Remember, your brand and marketing are the face to your business – make it interesting, professional, creative and consistent and your clients will instantly know it is you without you having to shout about it. How cool is that”