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This week’s blog is coming all the way from South East Germany, and yet, not so far away from where Jon Morrissey Ltd is currently. The map of Europe begins to look smaller as we stretch ourselves far and wide. A hard week, but worth every hour we put into it.

“My team had some of its most testing days yet this week, (as you can tell by the pictures), however, the week ended with a smile, with everyone at Jon Morrissey Ltd, focussed on the end goal, they were able to overcome it all, Well done”.


Rachel Morrissey (Director)



During the last seven days we have had drivers out in force, soaking up the summer sun and pushing out the miles for our clients. A week that went from non-stop phone calls and last-minute driver requirements, walk in job enquiries and a busy schedule for our current drivers.



FF Corse (racing with Ferrari)

Jon was away again this week with FF Corse, travelling to Snetterton for testing with the prancing horses that are the Ferraris’, safely in the back of his transporter. Professional as always, he took the time to take a few snaps of what else was happening, including the amazing cars that were on display.




Pro Car

Our drivers went off to Vienna this week with Pro Car, an amazing week comprising of differing cultures and Motorsports. Jon Morrissey Ltd drivers all following the exceptional example set by their Director, Jon Morrissey himself, who takes pride in his work ethic which is modelled on the total professionalism he gained through the Armed Forces. Our drivers know a thing or two about being away and what it means to be the face of the company, well done and keep up the good work.



McLaren GT


Our drivers returned from a shakedown this week and then went back out with McLaren to Barcelona for the week, which can’t be bad. Our drivers are firm favourite with McLaren, mixing their exceptional driving skill, with total professionalism, a reason why McLaren is one of our continued clients today. Next week’s blog I’m sure, is going to be filled with amazing pictures from Barcelona.





More and more

Returning from Spain, we had drivers on the journey back to the UK with On Time Automotive, a new client of ours, with a relationship that will, with no doubt, continue to grow through the weeks, months and hopefully years to come.


Creating new targets

As we book our drivers for the summer months and going into Autumn, we are happy to say that we are having to review our targets as we seem to hit them quickly and continue to do so. July and August are extremely busy, and we are pleased to say that our regular clients continue to be happy with our services and are still requesting more from Jon Morrissey Ltd team.

IBI International, IT Disposal, Delivered and ADF to mention but a few continue to request our drivers and our client list is growing and growing. Business is good and continues to be so as we head into the middle of July. Ultimately the hard work and dedication of our drivers and office based team are successfully pushing this company forward in a positive direction as we all knew it would.


Great News


Our very own Zoe Spencer has just released her first single on iTUNES called “My Body”, an amazing achievement for her. Well done.



Aldershot Enterprise Centre, Tea on the Lawn


On the 12th July, Aldershot Enterprise Centre are holding their annual Tea on the Lawn and so we will be there representing Jon Morrissey Ltd. We are looking forward to networking with other great companies and businesses and enjoy fun together.

We are also now on Instagram, find us by searching Jon Morrissey Ltd.