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A dream of mine, was to be in this very position about five years from when I started, but to be producing what we do, with the staff we have, feels incredible. Hats off to all the team, your work ethic and professionalism is driving this business to places I hadn’t dreamed. So thank you.


Jon Morrissey (Director)


Enter the Horses

As ex Forces Veteran, Jon Morrissey came back from Ireland, he jumped straight into a Truck with a few Prancing Horses.

Then back with FF Corse (Ferrari) and up to North Hamptonshire, and then on to Silverstone for the Britcar Championships. FF Corse were competing in two events this week, Sprint and Endurance, with two cars entered into each event.



Silverstone being the Hub and home of British Motor racing, it is always nice to be back there.


It’s a buzz knowing that you have a magnificent race car in the back of your truck, with a responsibility and trust to get it to the start line.


Paul (driver, Jon Morrissey Ltd)



A huge congratulations to the drivers and the FF Corse team, racing in the Ferrari 458 Challenge and 458 GT3 cars, finishing 2nd and 3rd in the first race, and 1st in Race 2 and 3 of the Britcar Endurance/Sprint Championships. Amazing results!




A great week for the FF Corse team and Jon Morrissey Ltd. Providing another excellent service for another fantastic motorsport client. Delivery on a promise of absolute Professionalism and dedication.


McLaren Keeping Us Busy.


An extremely busy week with McLaren. Drivers from Jon Morrisey Ltd transporting cars to Race circuits in Holland and also Chobham, England. This  week we have transported cars for practicing and shakedowns, getting the cars to where they needed to be in good time and in good order.



It was great to see other drivers from our company in the McLaren trucks, Chobham bound and delivering on behalf of a fantastic name that is, Jon Morrissey Ltd.



New clients

A welcomed new client by the name of Complete Business Solutions have come on board with our company, utilising our Class 2 and van drivers on a longterm basis. A fantastic company and we are very pleased to have them on board.



Our Regular Clients

Drivers doing the usual night trunking for Delivered.

A very busy week with Berry Marquees and ADF (Entertainment).

IT disposal company and Upholstery Express equally keeping our drivers busy during the week.

We have also been driving with Penta Foods this week . Driving vans play just as much an important role as the largest HGV vehicles.

A versatile and professional group of drivers, driving a wide range of vehicles, at a highly professional level.


New Digital Tachographs on the Horizon

A promising sign that new Tachographs are due to be released in the Autumn of this year. A friendly sight as the new ones boast a completely new and renovated design, and In Junes edition of the “HGV UK” magazine, they have also explained that it will perform faster and will be overall an easier and better experience for the driver. Welcome news!


Next week

Jon Morrissey Ltd will be transporting with FF Corse for the GT Cup Championships, and looking at the bookings, it will potentially be the busiest week our company has ever had!