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2017 Donegal International Rally, Ireland

“When you hear the name Porsche, you instantly think class, well this week I had the privilege of working alongside a company that exudes the stuff. Travelling across the pond to Ireland, for the 2017 Donegal International Rally”.


Jon Morrissey (Director)


Ireland Bound

A fantastic drive out (apart from the cows in the road), and an amazing result for the Tuthill Porsche Team as they came top in their class on both days in a gruelling 14 Stage International Rally.

Day One

Jon started off in a wonderful Irish town called Killaten, which allowed the team to test the cars before going to Letterkenny for day one of the 14 Stage Rally. As the day unfolded it was clear that the team possessed the performance and the drive, to see the drivers finish top in its class after 6 stages.

Day Two

As Jon and the team moved to Milford for Rally Stages 7-14, there was no let up. The team carried on their success into day two, again with their drivers finishing top in their class.  So far, a fantastic result across the board, and a special thank you to Jerry Joyce, photographer, who supplied us with the images this week, some great shots.



When Jon returns, we will see all the results from the Ireland Rally, and hopefully the Tuthill Porsche Team will carry on with their success, throughout the year. Good luck to them!


What else has been happening?


One of our drivers has been to the Spa Circuit in Belgium with a new client, United Autosports. A decent drive out and a job well done.





Regular Clients


Whilst there is a large emphasis on a number of Motorsport Companies within our weekly blogs, it goes without saying, that our regular clients are equally just as important. These companies keep our drivers busy throughout the whole week. Night and day trunking with some of the best.

Duzzer Transport Ltd


Upholstery Express

Penta Foods

Berry Marquees


IT Disposal


Joining our Team

Finally a warm welcome to new drivers Gary and Richard, welcome to the Team!

Where is Jon Morrissey Ltd Next week?

With FF Corse at the Silverstone Racetrack, for the 2017 Brit Car Championships.


Pushing ourselves and striving for more, with a military background and possessing attributes that only comes from serving with the best, and being the best!


Jon Morrissey Ltd, they are a smart move, they are a smart move forwards,  they are the future!