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A busy week has gone by and at Jon Morrissey Ltd it’s all systems go. A fantastic few days with McLaren GT, new clients within the Motorsport industry coming on board and hard work by all to keep us moving in the right direction.



McLaren GT, Dunsfold, Top Gear Track

This week has been better than ever, with a smooth drive to Dunsfold with McLaren, a really good few days, which saw new drivers proving their worth and impressing our clients. Also thanks to our drivers for taking some fantastic photos this week, which really captures their own experiences and allows us all an insight into the world of trucking with some of the best companies around the world.



Trusting In Partnership

Working with an elite company like McLaren, gives us the opportunity to show just how professional and dedicated our drivers are. They have been described, many times, as more than just drivers, they go the extra mile so that your business can remain secure in the knowledge that your business goods will always be delivered or picked up successfully, no matter where it is, no matter what it is.


The Masterclass that is McLaren reminds us why we do what we do, and what our intention is for the future. To continue to be the name that is trusted, well respected and to strive for admiration all over the world.


Jon Morrissey (Director)



ADF, Continued Success.

An ability to please, through our military ethos, is an underlying attribute we are proud to have within our company. Businesses like ADF request our drivers through the week once again, allowing us to deliver a professional service in a timely, favoured manor.




Duzzer Transport Ltd, Days and Nights

Jon has been out again with Duzzer this week, staying fresh and busy. We have also provided drivers for night trunking, and have been to Scotland and back, driving the distance with Duzzer Transport and Jon Morrissey Ltd.




Also this week…

Jon has been out with another of our regular clients, Berry Marquees again this week, We have also had drivers out with an IT Company, and have been fortunate enough to have a driver moving from their temp-permanent contract to a permanent job role sooner rather than later. Fantastic effort.


New Clients and Tuthill Porsche Return!

As we drive into next week, Jon will take an 8 day trip to Ireland with returning clients Tuthill Porsche.

We also have one of our drivers off to Spa next week with a new client, United Motorsport, hopefully a fantastic beginning to a wonderful continuous business relationship.