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Up by 50.

With May out of the way, we move into the summer months, meeting our targets and then exceeding them by more than 50%, this start has been phenomenal. The hard work and dedication of drivers, the reliability, focus and ambition of the guys behind th scenes, have all been instrumental in keeping the name, Jon Morrissey Ltd up there with the best.


“50% increase in productivity, which in turn means 50% increase in our popularity amongst our competitors, which means we are 100% happy”


Jon Morrissey (Director)



Jon Morrissey, Austria and McLaren.


Jon Morrissey had a great drive out to Austria at the back end of last week, dropping off a customer’s custom-made McLaren. An absolute beauty of a supercar.  A real perfect drive, as the weather was magnificent and the car was a dream.



A space in the calendar, meaning that Jon can do what he does best, for the best, McLaren.



Jon back and doing it with Duzzer


As Jon returns from Austria after delivering a McLaren for one of their customers, he settles down nicely into a week with Duzzer Transport Ltd.  Not one to bury his head in just office work, nor be complacent, Jon prefers to get out there with his drivers, leading by example and where possible, mentoring and assisting them. A fantastic way of how to get business done, ensuring that our clients are receiving the best in driver proficiency.



ADF, with our driving force


Racing into June sees our drivers regularly out with ADF Entertainments, they have used 65% of our drivers this week alone. Our professional approach to the driving trade and our complete reliability, allows companies to trust in what we do, right from the start.



Mutual relationships

A fantastic week overall, our regular clients still using our drivers and utilising them more and more. Berry Marquees still on board, and with Upholstery Express still taking a high percentage of drivers, everything this week screamed success.


We also have had a productive week with some of our clients including Delivered and an IT disposal company we supply drivers for.


“A busy week, but we would not have it any other way”

Rachel Morrissey



Next week will see our drivers back out with McLaren as they race off to Dunsfold Park for the Pro Source Event.