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As the title would suggest, only time would tell, if going into our second year would allow us to surpass previous weeks targets. Actively engaging in amongst a week of record productivity, Time is now telling, as our company, Jon Morrissey Ltd has had its busiest and most productive week to date.


“A DREAM of a job, and a DREAM of a TEAM behind us. Our PURPOSE is forward thinking and the INTENTION is only upwards”

Jon Morrrissey (Director)


FF Corse, Ferrari


This week saw Jon Morrissey in Brandshatch, which, by all accounts, was a great weekend for him, the business and our client FF Corse. It’s always really nice to show, you, the reader, our experiences through the pictures we take whilst we are with our clients. Brings home the reality of what we do, why we are employed to do it and how well we do it!


Of the 3 races FF Corse competed in, race 2 was convincingly won, a massive congrats to the whole team!


Back In The Office


As Jon Morrissey returned from Brandshatch, he was able to spend a few rare days in the office, catching up with clients and new drivers. This stop off was short lived, as Jon was then off to Austria for McLaren, delivering a custom built car for a client of theirs.





Actively Engaging


As the week progressed, we were inundated with driver requests from all of our clients, which allowed us to provide numerous opportunities for our skilled drivers which included providing our client PENTA FOODS LTD with numerous drivers on Friday and Saturday, a family business requiring a professional and skilled approach to add to their work force.





Delivering The Right Approach

New client ADF (Entertainment) pulling in more drivers for film sets, with good feedback from drivers. In total this week they have used our drivers over the Bank Holiday Monday and Tuesday. Perfect start to a new relationship.
Another regular client continues to use our drivers regularly all week as they are very happy with our service.

Our driver Tony is still being deployed as one of the drivers for Upholstery Express during the week.



Continued Success


The Night Trunking with Delivered is still ongoing, which is fantastic to see, Gary doing his bit, providing them with unparalleled workmanship and professionalism.

Behind The Scenes, The Driving Force


This week has been incredibly busy for all involved at Jon Morrissey Ltd, putting in all the hours that we can to get to where we want to be. Interviews, bookings and giving the clients that personal touch, increasing our work load, increasing in our capacity, but never decreasing in professionalism or quality.

New drivers being interviewed as we speak, to meet our clients demand for more drivers, new clients wanting to come on board, it just gets better and better.



“The mix of Civilian Flexibility and Military Proficiency is the sole reason why we have weeks like this. Companies are looking for that edge, and we provide it”
Jon Morrissey (Director)


Another of our regular clients is looking for a Permanent Class 2 Driver to start in a month or two, using our services providing that Military Ethos that only Ex Service personnel can provide.


Next Up


Racing into next week will see us provide further motorsport transporting, new clients, new drivers and just hard work all round. A privilege to be doing what we do, a privilege to be working alongside the businesses we do. Onwards and upwards!