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Smashing our targets and racing through the week, at a pace that cannot be matched. So much has happened in the last few days, so as always, here we go…..
FF Corse – Spa, Belgium

A fantastic couple of days on the track for the guys at FF Corse, all involved went away exhilarated by the fast pace corners and amazingly fast Ferraris on show. Jon is also trusted and relied upon to take the vehicles for their scheduled maintenance ahead of race meets, informing the dealership of any faults, to ensure the trucks reliability for the ongoing season.



As the journey continues between Jon Morrissey Ltd and FF Course, Brandshatch Circuit awaits them both as they get ready for Round 2 of the 2017 GT Cup championships.


McLaren GT – Snetterton, British GT Testing

As always Jon Morrissey Ltd a firm favourite with McLaren GT, are travelling to Snetterton Race Circuit for testing ahead of the British GT Cup Series. We were also able to get up to Silverstone Race Circuit with them.


Working alongside McLaren GT is a privilege, the trust and loyalty they show is remarkable.

Jon Morrissey (Director)


Jon is also off to Austria next week with the McLaren GT Team. Travelling the length and breadth of Europe with a Motorsport Team who personify professionalism. Fantastic experiences already this year, and still plenty more to come.

New Clients, New Drivers

With new drivers settling in nicely, we have had them out with new clients ADF (Facilities by ADF). This specialist company are an experienced facilities provider, who deal with the entertainment industry and are focused heavily on Television and Film. Really good to have them on board using our drivers to benefit in their needs.




The Business Show 2017, Excel, London

Rachel (Director) and Rosie (Head of Marketing and Business Development Manager) have been hard at work this week as they visited the Business Show at London’s Excel. A really informative day out, that has inspired the pair as they lead into next week.

Rachel’s daughter made an appearance this week as it was her first visit to FF Corse. Obviously the future boss of Jon Morrissey Ltd was very impressed by the company, and was looking forward to doing business them when she becomes the boss in about 20 years time.



Also this week…
  • We have hired two more drivers.
  • Interviewing two class 1 motorsport drivers to facilitate our needs as more motorsport companies come on board.

The following companies are also using our drivers through the week;

  • ITAD continue to use three of our drivers
  • We are supplying Duzzer Tpt Ltd this weekend.
  • Upholstery Express continually employing our guys from Monday-Friday.
  • Delivered are using our drivers through the week as well.


Looking Forward

We are delighted to confirm that a new client PROCAR International Ltd has enlisted our services, and we will start to supply them with drivers on the European Motorsport Circuit this coming July and August.

Tuthill Porsche have also confirmed working with us in June, travelling to Ireland.

Zoe Spencer will be joining the team at the beginning of June as our Office Administrator. Welcome Zoe!

Thank you

For the continued support and dedication, Rosie Coutts our Head of Marketing and Business Development Manager, thank you for the hard work you are doing.

Lastly to Leon Sharp, our amazing and creative writer (Blogger).


Do not take for granted the team you have, as that team will help you get to the places you have only dreamed of!

Rachel Morrissey (Director)