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“Appreciative to all our great clients, fantastic team, family and friends, for your support over this past year. Every one of you has contributed to the enormous success we have already had, for that, we Thank You

Jon and Rachel Morrissey (Directors and Founders of Jon Morrissey Ltd)



Our first year in business has shown fantastic growth, we started with a few drivers, who would work alongside Jon. Within the first few months, our reputation preceded to represent who we were. Our company was born and blossoming at a rate that was humbling to watch and be a part of.


Our Story…


In April 2016, we started our business in the small box room in our house. We turned that into a very small office and were supplying one driver to two companies. In the early days, we did business by having to interview and have meetings in the local coffee shop. Quickly we realised that this needed to change, as we grew larger and larger.


“One year ago today I was serving the country in the British Army. Today we are in the fantastic position to have the workforce we do, serving their professionalism to the companies who we now work with”.

Jon Morrissey


Serving and instructing in the British Army.


“Jon Morrissey Ltd have been in buisness for a year now, where has the time gone? Going from the Front Line in Afghanistan to running my own business with my wife. It seems like a dream”.

Jon Morrissey



Now Director at Jon Morrissey Ltd.

Rachel Morrissey (Director)



McLaren GT were one of the first companies to recruit through Jon Morrissey Ltd, Unbelievably as first clients go, it was a perfect combination.  McLaren were so impressed with our company and word of mouth spread fast. Impressive motivation and professionalism from the team saw further interest from many other companies during this short period of time.



As a company, our main focus are the perfect clients matched with the perfect clientele. At Jon Morrissey Ltd we have strived to recruit currently serving and Ex Military personnel. Through our experience we know they have the tenacity, drive, total loyalty and professionalism not only to do the job but to do it in a fashion that sets them aside from their civilian counterparts.  This over a period of time has paid off massively, we were able to achieve numerous Temp and Perm jobs for Ex Forces within the first 6 months of Launching our business.


Continued hard work


  • By June 2016 we were supplying 7 companies with 6 drivers. In October 2016, we made the necessary and bold decision to get an ACTUAL office. This would accommodate our needs as well as interview space within the Aldershot Enterprise Centre. With Christmas of 2016 fast approaching, and business increasing at a fast pace, we decided to employ a Marketing Consultant who would boost the companies profile across all platforms.


  • By December 2016, we were supplying 13 companies with 20+ drivers! Near Christmas we noticed some overcrowding and decided to increase our office space. We had also employed a full time Business Development Manager, who would push the development of the company further and assist us in putting the company where we knew it could be.


  • As of April this year, we are currently supplying 20 companies with 30+ drivers and still going strong.


Companies from all over the UK, including 4 Motorsport companies have been interested in our niche expertise in recruiting the ideal driver. The Military had instilled into them what was required to go above and beyond. What is natural to the Military and how they conduct themselves is a recruiters haven. This is why we choose to keep in this niche market, giving soldiers who served and are still serving, an opportunity to show case their skill set.


Some of the companies we have been fortunate to work with this past year and continue to do so include;


HAAS, Formula 1 Motorsport, a dream of a job, that within our first year, had given us the drive and determination for more. Watch out for the HAAS Team in their debut Formula 1 Season.


Mark Burdett Motorsport, a new client that has come in at the end of our first year. A new relationship that we are sure will stay firm with us, going into our 2nd year of business.


FF Corse, Racing with Ferrari. A company that we have been working with for a while now, and it’s been a great experience. Going into our 2nd year, will see us support them as they continue to compete in the 2017 GT Cup Championship.

Our regular clients;

  • Delivered
  • Duzzer Transport Ltd
  • IBM International
  • ITAD
  • Penta foods
  • Upholstery Direct


Workshops and courses were undertaken by the team and have within a short space of time completed the following;

  • Fraud Awareness
  • Finances and Pensions
  • Branding and promoting your Business
  • Transport Managers Course

We are also members of the following;

  • FTA (Freight Transport Association)
  • FSB (Federation of Small Businesses)
  • REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation)

Rachel Morrisey has also completed the compliance exam for the REC and scored 85%.

As we leave our first year and continue into our second, we have great ideas and projects in the pipe line that can only strengthen the business.


Hopefully in early May we will have good news about the results of us being Finalists in the Biz Awards 2017, New Business/Start-up of the Year (Surrey/Hampshire) in association with Eagle Radio.




“Finally, just to say thank you once again to all and lets start this new year how we finished the first, Professional, Productive and moving with purpose. Jon Morrissey Ltd firmly in Pole Position”

Jon and Rachel Morrissey